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  It's common to hear the concern from clients that are wanting to get their home or office organized- that a space would most likely look great for a day, but "it'll probably go back right to what it looked two days from now". That's why you need an Organizational SYSTEM so you can actually use and maintain your space over and over again.  Hello, to time back to your day! 

This is Your Polished Home's main focus - creating an Organizational SYSTEM that works for your home - long after YPH leaves. If you're looking for a professional organizer near you and your close to Austin, give me call!

Professional Home Organizer


Have you ever had your home professionally organized?  Whether you're busy and looking to save time, or just want things to look better overall, then hiring a professional home organizer is a great way to accomplish that. 

What spaces in your home need to be organized better? See the list below for some ideas Your Polished Home can help with:

  • Kitchen

  • Pantry

  • Closet

  • Laundry Room

  • Mud Room

  • Office

Office Organization


Do you work from home or have a home office that you'd like to put systems in place to work most efficiently? Having a professional organizer come and put organizational systems in place is a great way to increase productivity.

Wondering what we can help with in your office? Here are some of the things Your Polished Home may update during your office organization:

  • Filing

  • Cable organizing

  • Filing System

  • Desk organization

  • Drawer organizing

  • Paper purging

"Jennifer is AMAZING! I had a walk-in closet under my staircase that was full of boxes and all sorts of other things without any real system. Every time I needed to get something out of that closet, I'd sort of wander around, and half the time I'd just give up because I wasn't sure if what I needed was even in there. ...


She cleared everything out into my living room and sorted through everything, categorizing it all. When she put it all back in my closet, I couldn't believe my eyes. Now I had a giant walkway down the center where I could see everything in there all at once, and everything was labeled and clear. Six months later, my closet is exactly how she set it up, so it's the gift that keeps on giving. I can't wait to do another project with her."

- Satisfied Customer

"Jen was a pleasure to work with was so exciting to come home to an organized pantry that a few weeks later is still organized!! She puts so much thought into systems that work for each client. We are a busy family of 5 and she gave us some tools that really work based on our lifestyle! My pantry is beautiful, everything is color coordinated, and I feel some level of joy each time I reach in for something.


Highly recommend Jen - she stayed within my budget, always communicated my options-I could not be happier with the final product!! Cannot wait till the next project!! Thank you!"

- Satisfied Customer

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